Worthington Seventh-day Adventist Church

United by our belief in the soon return of Jesus, we are here to love God, serve others, disciple all, and mentor the young.


Our ministries are the heartbeat of this church. Consider becoming involved in a ministry which will nurture your spiritual desires and empower you for active service. Whether it is participating in community service or becoming part of a youth group, it is our prayer that you find a  place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Contact the Church Office at 614-885-7812 for any information on opportunities to serve our church community. Check out the following ministries which are currently in operation within our church community:

Children's Sabbath School: The children in our church are not just the future--they are actively included in the ministries of the church today. All children are invited to attend classes from birth to elementary school every Saturday at 10:20 a.m.

Adult Sabbath School: This weekly small group experience begins at 10:20 a.m. The resource is the Sabbath School Quarterly. Classes can be found in the sanctuary, the Garden Room and in the Fellowship Hall. 

Pathfinders & Adventurers Clubs: Meeting times are every 1st and 3rd Sunday at the church from 10am-12pm. Contact Kwame Robert and Quinn Cearley via the Church Office. 

Men's Bible Study: Meetings convene every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 6:45pm-8pm. For more information contact Elder Ricky LaVaughn at 614-622-1679 or visit www.lavauri.com/mensbiblestudy for lesson plans.

Worthington Adventist AcademyA K-8 grade Christian School celebrating over 80 years of educational excellence. Visit their website:


Children's Church: Children look forward to Children's Church services at our church. Our leaders present engaging, fun-filled activities which help our children to cultivate a loving relationship with Jesus. Children's Church is typically held every 3rd Sabbath of the month.

Wednesday Evening (Men & Women) Bible Study:  The Wednesday Evening Bible Study is a Bible based study welcoming both men and women. Our textbook is the Bible and any supplemental information comes from Mrs. White and/or the ABC Bookstore to maintain the Adventist views. Everyone is welcome. We meet each Wednesday at the church starting at 6:30 PM and ending promptly at 8:00 PM. Questions: contact Tim Arnett at 765-606-1228 or twarnett@msn.com

Women's Wednesday Bible Study: Women's Wednesday Bible Study meets in the Garden Room at 10:00 am. All women invited. 

PA (Audio/Visual Technicians): The PA Operators (more aptly described as audio/visual technicians) are responsible for providing audio and video support for all Worthington Church sponsored programs if needed. This generally involves setting up, turning on, and checking functionality of equipment before each program starts, providing any necessary mixing, switching, recording and streaming of programs. The purpose and aim of each PA operator is to ensure that the program is enhanced by the use of technology and not be a source of distraction for the participants and audience. If you have an interest in joining the A/V Team and are willing to commit to a schedule as a primary and/or assistant operator, please contact Ben Bylsma either by email (bylsma.1@osu.edu) or phone by 614-885-7812.

Deaconess: The Deaconess Board exists to serve our Pastors during communion and Baptism, our members and our community. We meet once a year during August or September. Anyone interested in becoming a Deaconess must contact the church office at 614-885-7812.

Young Adult Sabbath School Class:  Young Adults meet every Sabbath with Pastor Yuliyan and Mimi Filipov in the Fellowship Hall. The target ages are 18-35. Beyond Bible Study discussions, they meet together for potlucks and social activities.

Baptismal Bible Study: Pastor Yuliyan holds Baptismal Bible Study classes after Second Service. All interested persons are invited to attend. Please call the Church Office at 614-885-7812 for more details.

WALK (Worthington Adventist Love Kids) and WAY (Worthington Adventist Youth) Ministries: Ministries designed for children and youth from birth to high school. Contact Pastor Jeremy Wong and Chaplain Brooke Wong for more information.  Click here for their ministry page. 

Health Ministries: The health message is the right arm of the Seventh-day Adventist message. Health Ministries is not only about assisting our members with living healthier, happier and more productive lives; it is also about reaching out to the surrounding community. The CHIP Program is not available at this time. Announcements about this program will be made at the appropriate time. 

Health Food Cupboard: A fundraising ministry of our school, the Health Food Cupboard opens 5-8 days a month and offers a wide variety of meat substitute products. Cupboard hours are every 1st and 3rd Sunday and every Friday from 2pm-4pm at the Activity Center at Proprietors Road, Worthington, OH 43085. Please leave a message at 614-425-8706.

Stepping Stones Learning CenterAt Stepping Stones, we build learning into a fun and balanced program. From the teachers, to the classroom environment, to the activities used, each keys into the developmental needs and abilities of every child. Infants and toddlers are given gentle, attentive care along with a wide range of opportunities to explore their world and learn. Our preschool program for 3-year olds and Pre-K program for 4 and 5-year olds promotes pre-academic skills as well as large and small motor skill development. In our faith-based program, character-building themes tie activities together, and children have opportunities to build relationships with peers and adults outside of the family. SSLC Director: Kacie Young. Address: 860 Griswold St, Worthington, OH 43085 Phone:(614) 885-6656 http://www.worthingtonsslc.com

Street Beat Ministries: Street Beat Ministries meets every Sunday to provide meals and encouragement to the homeless within the community.

Grace Notes: Grace Notes Praise Band provides music for our Contemporary Worship Services every Sabbath morning at 9 a.m. They are always on the lookout for willing voices and musically talented individuals who desire to join in giving God the glory. Contact Dan Jones via the Church Office. 

Deacons: Whether it is securing the building, assisting members in finding a seat in the sanctuary or collecting the offerings, Deacons play an important role in ensuring that services run smoothly. Willing persons are always needed to join the Deacon team. Contact Kevin Sciulli at 614-329-9516 or email at mohavendad@yahoo.com.

Hospitality Committee: Fellowship Potlucks are held on the second Sabbath of each month. The Hospitality Committee supervises potlucks and other events within our church community. Interested persons whould contact Carmie Ouzounian at 614-436-5340. Hosts and hostesses serve at least twice a year.

Greeters: Greeters are the face of the church. They are the first point of contact for a member, guest or a possible walk-in. Interested persons who are willing to volunteers should contact the Church Office at 614-885-7812.

Deaf Ministries: ASL classes are offered free of charge after second service most weeks. There is no class on potluck weeks and some special events. All ages and all skill levels are welcome. Contact Sari Wilson at 614-940-8035.

Moms' Sabbath School Class: Current study: "Discerning The Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer. Sessions are co-led by Stephanie Jones and Meghan Paulien. Classes meet every 1st and 3rd Sabbath at 10:20 am in the Church Office Conference Room.

Young Adult Bible Studies: Every 1st and 3rd Friday from 6:30 pm -8 pm. Contact Mimi Filipova for more details. 

Baptismal Classes: Held after Second Service in the Church Office Conference Room. All interested adult persons are invited to attend. Contact Pastor Yuliyan for more details. 

Rafiki Africa: Rafiki Africa Foundation is partially funded by our Sabbath School offerings and donations from our church community. The Lighthouse Academy provides Christian-based education to orphaned children and those who are affected by the HIV/Aids crisis. Visit their website: rafikiafrica.org. Contact: Kennedy Dulo